The Latest Tech Gifts for Your Promotional Needs

Want to get the jump on the latest high-tech promotional products hitting our website this year? Well, we want to help you! As your distributor of top-notch promotional gifts, we know that when you look good, we look good. So, for the sake of us all looking absolutely fantastic, here are our top suggestions for new tech gifts in 2018.

PopSocket® Mobile Device Stand

We don’t really all have butterfingers. Our slim and smooth phones are just extremely easy to drop! Its an almost inevitable mishap and, if our screens should happen to crack, its a costly one. Enter the A PopSocket®. Thanks to this uniquely designed device, we can keep a firm grip on our phones without having to add any bulk. A PopSocket® sticks flat to the back of a phone, tablet or case with a rinsable, repositionable gel adhesive and then extends to become a convenient handle and even a media stand for the device.

Addi Flash Wireless Speaker

The colorful, LED lights that pulsate to the beat of the music emanating from these speakers would be their #1 feature if it weren’t for the incredible sound capability that’s packed into their small size. Following these two tremendous attributes are phone call capabilities, an FM radio receiver, MSD and USB card inserts and a beautiful matte metallic finish.

Lightning and Micro USB Dual Input Power Bank, 10,000mAh

This sleek looking new power bank allows you to charge any lightning or micro USB attachment devices or both at the same time! With 10,000 mAh of power this mighty charger will be able to juice up several of your devices before needing a recharge. Also featured are dual inputs to allow you to use the same cable to charge both the power bank and your device, a 5V/2A Input and Output and a two-tone metallic finish giving it an ultramodern look.

Livingston Earbud Wrap Phone Stand

The Livingston Earbud Wrap Phone Stand will turn the love/hate relationship you have with your ear buds (and their pesky wires) into one of pure harmony and adoration – the way it was always supposed to be! Each case serves as an organizer for your ear bud chords and a convenient stand for your phone. This is an economic giveaway with some major branding power!

Power Note Powerbank w/ Wireless Speaker, 2600mAh

A Bluetooth speaker and a power bank in one! This powerful little model has 2600 mAh and features an on-speaker control panel and LED indicator lights to let you know exactly how much power you have left. That’s quite a bit of functionality packed into a pocket sized device! Whats more, your logo can be added in one, multiple or full color imprinting! Just ask your account rep for details!


Contact your account representative today to find out more about our high tech promos and don’t forget to use our exclusive free set up charge coupon code: WINTER39 when you order before 01/31/2018!



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