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The Best Stadium Friendly Promotional Products

Driven to ensuring the safety of all fans and players on the field, in 2013 the NFL compiled a list of guidelines for fans regarding the types and sizes of bags being brought into stadiums and fields across the nation. While many were annoyed about these guidelines, others have applauded the NFL for wanting to speed up entry into the stadiums, as well as create a safer environment for everyone. Thinking of doing a football themed promotion or giveaway for your clients or employees that will make their lives as fans easier? Consider these NFL approved promotional items:

Clear Tote Bags– All bags and totes larger than 4.5” x 6.5” must be made of clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC. This not only speeds up the check in process, but makes it easier for gate attendants to quickly scan belongings brought into the stadium. The NFL also permits the use of large gallon size zipper bags; however, with those types of plastic bags you lack the security of durability. Plastic tote bags are also still approved even if they have an imprint on them.

NFL approved clear tote

Clutches– Clutches, or small hand bags that are 4.5” x 6.5” or smaller, are mostly carried do not need to be made of a clear material, and it allows privacy for small personal items while still being easy to  search. Clutch styles that come with carrying straps are also NFL approved.

Isaac Mizrahi Ava Wristlet Clutch

 Fleece Blankets– For the more frigid cities, blankets are allowed in stadiums, as long as they are carried in unfolded, and there is no size limit for blankets. Blankets are also good for any outdoor event that happens to take place during the cooler parts of the year, and they make great giveaways and gifts.

Fleece Promotional Blankets

Seat Cushions– Seat cushions are permitted, as long as they do not have pockets, zippers, compartments, or covers. Your standard foam and plastic stadium cushions are approved, as well as some adjustable models, and since they have a large imprint area, these are great for promoting your business or organization.

Stadium Bleacher Seat Cushion with Back

While these are some great promotional ideas that are allowed to enter the stadium, the guidelines do not affect fans that wish to tailgate outside of the gates before the game starts. Feel free to choose promotions such as stadium cups, koozies, collapsible chairs, and cooler bags because they are still great choices for a fall sport giveaway, and can be used for any outdoor event your recipients will attend throughout the year.


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