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Specialized Holiday Gift Sets for the Experts, Connoisseurs and Aficionados

Everyone has a hobby, a passion or a specific skill that can sometimes define their giftability. Here at Promotions Now we can make up new words in order to describe just how far we go to make sure that you can find the right holiday gift for every type of person on your list! Giftability is how you’re lucky recipient can be categorized according to things they love, know or take part in the most. Here are the perfect gifts for all those very specific experts, connoisseurs and aficionados on your holiday shopping list!

For the Coffee and Tea Lovers

Appreciation Tea Mug Gift Set, “Thanks For Being So Tea-riffic!” Design, Stock


This is a budget-friendly and Quick Ship gift set that includes all the things that a lovely tea time consists of. The ceramic tea mug comes with a matching coaster that can also serve as a lid to help keep tea hot, contains 2 specialty tea packets, a pack of 6 shortbread cookies and a delicious gourmet Italian biscotti and is imprinted with the cleaver appreciation message, “Thanks for Being So Tea-riffic!”


Coffee Break Mug Gift Set


Coffee lovers make their affinity for a hot cup of Joe known, especially early in the morning when you are asking too many question before they have had their first cup, and will love a gift that has everything to do with coffee. This Jumbo Cappuccino mug set includes a mocha scented candle, 2 cappuccino packs, mocha scented bath salts, coffee candies and your choice of 2.8 oz. Mocha or Calm Shower gel.


The Chocolate Lover

Ghirardelli® Holiday Gift Set


A leather-wrapped thermos accompanies five packets of Ghirardelli® premium hot cocoa mix and five squares of Ghirardelli® chocolate squares in an attractive gift box. This is clearly a chocolates lover’s perfect dream holiday gift!


The Golf Pro

Basic Cart Caddie Kit w/ Bridgestone® E6 Golf Ball


For the skilled golfers on your holiday shopping list, we have put together an exciting and useful gift set that includes a 24oz. Polyclear water bottle, a standard white 15″ x 18″ poly blend golf towel with a grommet and hook, six 2-3/4″ tees, one Bridgestone® E6 golf ball, two ball markers, and a divot repair tool. Perhaps the most exciting things about this gift, is that you can add your custom imprint on the water bottle, tees, divot tool, ball markers, golf ball and towel!

The Techy

Addi Bluetooth Speaker & Pardo Power Bank Gift Set


A Bluetooth speaker and power bank set is just the kind of holiday gift a techy would adore! The Speaker has a built in microphone for answering cell phone calls, controls for volume, play and pause, forward and reverse and a power switch all in an iron casing. The power bank has 2,600 mAh and an LED status indicator. Also included with the set is a multi-purpose charging/audio cable with USB, mini-USB and 3.5 mm plugs and a user manual – not that your techy recipient will need to check the manual.


The Wine Enthusiasts, Beer Connoisseurs and Mix Masters

Belgio Vacuum Wine Ensemble


This 4-Piece gift set includes a stainless steel barrel wine bottle vacuum pump that can preserve unfinished wine, two stoppers and a stainless steel waiter corkscrew all packaged in a sleek storage case. Just add wine!

Bavarian Beer Gift Set


This attractive and sturdy, solid pine box contains a stainless steel froth scraper, bottle opener and two 16 oz. stemmed beer glasses. Your special laser engraved message goes on the wooden box. Cheers!

James Cocktail Shaker Set


To those who seem as though they were given the gift of making delicious concoctions is this professional quality bartending set which includes a stainless steel shaker, wooden muddler, wooden stirrer, and two-part smart cap. The smart cap doubles as jigger marked at 1oz. and 2oz. to using precise measurements.


The Gardeners

Herb Garden Set


Our mini herb garden set is a self-contained source for parsley, chives and basil. Recipients with a green thumb will be thrilled by this holiday gift set which included in this gift is 3 biodegradable pots, expandable soil wafers, seeds and your thoughtful custom message.


The Chefs and Grill Masters

Bamboo Kitchen Gift Set w/ Oven Mitt


Here’s a meaningful gift for the culinary artist that includes an all-natural bamboo spoon and spatula with a silicone tip and a cotton oven mitt. Each item is placed inside a burlap bag and tied with a cord that compliments the natural bamboo of the utensils. The best part is you can add your custom imprint to each piece!

The Jetsetters

Travel Set – Pillow, Blanket & Eye Mask


Traveling in style and comfort is important to globe trotters and traveling business professionals. This set which includes a matching pillow, blanket and eye mask is just the gift that can ensure both. Embroidery is included on the blanket.


The Handymen or Handywomen

Dual Multi Tool & Flashlight Set


Mr. or Ms. Fix It will be delighted with this multi-functional tool and flashlight set! A .5-watt aluminum flashlight and a mini multi tool that includes a mini pliers, a wire cutter, a small knife, a nail file, a bottle opener, a hybrid flat Philips screwdriver, a small and large screwdriver, and tweezers are packages together in a black gift box.

With such great options for so many of the special people in your life, we know you can confidently shop and whittle down your holiday gift list at Promotions Now. Visit our Gift Sets store to see even more thoughtfully assembled gifts for all the pros, enthusiasts and masters that you know!








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