Promotions Perfect For Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and while you are all getting ready to bare your hearts and share a day of outspoken love and romance with your spouses and sweethearts, we think it’s also an excellent time to share the love with your customers, clients and employees! That’s right; Valentine’s Day isn’t just a time for romance. It’s also the perfect time to get clever and creative with your promotions!

Before we showcase our favorite picks for Valentine’s and heart themed promotional products, we want to shed some light on the history and origins of this most amorous of days.  With all of the clamoring to get our hands on chocolates, roses, the perfect greeting cards and the most coveted restaurant reservations it’s easy to lose sight of why we go out of our way to celebrate our loved ones in the first place. So, here is a brief summary of the history and legend of Valentine’s Day.

The History and Legend of Valentine’s Day

Back in ancient Rome, during the time of Emperor Claudius II, also known as Claudius the Cruel, both marriage and engagement was banned as a way of strengthening the armies that Claudius believed were weakened by the family bonds formed by love and marriage. Can you imagine living in a time when falling in love was frowned upon and sealing your love with marriage was absolutely forbidden? We can’t, and neither could a Roman priest named Valentine who saw this as horribly unfair and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret, against the will of his emperor.

When Valentine’s secret weddings were eventually found out, he was brought before the Prefect of Rome to be sentenced to death, and on February 14, 278 A.D. he was executed. After his death, Valentine was sainted for his great service during the unjust rule of Claudius II and has been known as Saint Valentine ever since.

There is a legend that when Valentine was jailed, awaiting his execution, he befriended the jailer’s daughter and left a message for her in his cell. It was signed, “From Your Valentine.”

There are other legends and historical figures to which the history of Valentine’s Day can also be attributed to but we are sure you can see why this one in particular is our favorite. While the story of Rome’s St. Valentine is a sad one, it is undoubtedly a romantic one as well. As such, in the spirit of St. Valentine we exchange notes and small tokens of our love and appreciation as a way of perpetuating the belief that love can outrank even an emperor’s decree.

Now that we’ve gotten you all warm and fuzzy, here are some of our favorite picks for helping to extend the love and goodwill into your promotional efforts!

Our Top Valentine’s Day Themed Picks

Picnic Basket Set


Nothing says romance like a picnic for two! This barrel-shaped basket comes complete with 2 each of 9” plates, stainless steel cutlery sets, hand blown wine glasses and cotton napkins as well as a salt and pepper shaker set, tablecloth and stainless steel corkscrew.

Manhattan USB Flash Drive, 8GB


Custom printed flash drives are always a popular choice for promoting your business and now you can have them work double duty for you this Valentine’s Day thanks to the heart shaped Manhattan USB Flash Drive. This particular model is 8GB, but we have 16GB version available as well.

Heart Cheese Board Set


Thanks to this thoughtful and elegant gift, your wine and cheese loving clientele and staff can bring the spirit of Valentine’s Day into their next indulgent night in. This charming heart-shaped, bamboo, swivel-style cutting board also comes with a stainless steel cheese knife, corkscrew, and bottle stopper.

Heart Can Cooler


Having a Valentine’s themed gathering where absolutely everyone is invited and not just those who are currently matched up? Well then the Heart Can Cooler is the perfect party decoration, beverage cooler and take home gift for your attendees! This perfect party pairing is shown in pink but is available in 21 different colors.

Foil Wrapped Chocolate Hearts


We can’t have Valentine’s Day without some chocolate! There is no denying your event attendees and valued customers will love these delicious branded treats. Full color printing for your logo is just an additional perk.
Emissary Heart Click Pen


Even the most tightly wound business professionals will crack a smile when you hand them this adorable, top-quality custom pen. It has all the properties of an executive grade writing instrument with a little extra warmth and character.

Browse the rest of our collection for promos that will help your warm the hearts of all of your highly esteemed employees, customers and colleagues and make this most of this upcoming Valentine’s Day!

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