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Promotional Products for Auto Dealerships

Promotions for car dealerships

Whether you want to draw new business to your dealership or provide gifts of appreciation to new car buyers, some well thought out promotional products can go above and beyond for your cause. After all, you can provide discounts for new and future business, which will have immediate appeal, but a tangible gift for your customers and prospects will serve as a long lasting reminder about your dealerships commitment to great service. Here are some of our favorite choices for promotional products for auto dealerships.
Polar Color Change Ice Scraper


An ice scraper is an absolute necessity in any car and your customers will appreciate you looking out for their wintertime safety, but the 10 “ Polar Color Change Ice Scraper adds a bit of whimsy to the basic automobile staple. Exposure to the cold weather outside and the warmth of your hands will make this unique model start changing color. Add your logo to the handle so your customers can think of you whenever they experience the phenomenon.
License Plate Frame


A license plate frame is a popular choice among car dealerships because it dresses up an otherwise unattractive looking license plate while showcasing your dealership name for other potential car buyers to see. That’s a win win for customer and dealership. This model comes in an assortment of configurations that will accommodate different state regulations, as well as an endless array of bold colors to complement your brand.
Trunk Organizer w/ Built In Cooler


Your customers can’t wait to get plenty of use out of their new wheels, so why not provide an auto accessory built for extra convenience. This Trunk Organizer w/ Built in Cooler includes an extra-large carrying bag, which doubles as a cooler for tailgating parties, picnics and long road trips, and has plenty of space for grocery bags, emergency roadside kits, jumper cables and more. It also has plenty of space for your logo, branded right on the center, front panel.
Roadside Companion Kit


You want your customers know that your service is still available to them after they’ve driven off the lot with their new car. What could be more symbolic of that fact than a custom printed Roadside Companion Kit? This particular model includes a pen, flashlight with batteries, tire gauge and notepad all nestled into a faux leather case which features multiple pockets and your dealership name or logo screened or debossed onto the front.
USB Dual Car Charger in Silver


The hottest promotions on the market right now are tech products, and that includes mobile device chargers. This silver finished charger will blend in well with the sleek interior of a brand new car and features 2 separate USB ports for charging multiple devices or allowing both driver and passenger to charge their devices at the same time.

Choose from our top picks, sure to be a hit with your customers, or check out the rest of our travel and auto accessories collection for more ideas on the perfect promo for spreading the word about your auto dealership.


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