Prevent Catching the Seasonal Bug with Cold and Flu Products

Next week is National Influenza Vaccination Week and while many people will be getting their annual vaccinations, many more will still be affected the cold or flu, causing offices, schools and universities to become jam packed with infectious germs. If you are searching for new ways to promote your business or organization this winter, why not provide your clients and event attendees with gifts and giveaways that will help them fight these germs and bacteria and prevent catching that pesky seasonal bug.
Here are a few of our most popular cold and flu promotional and informational giveaways:

Informational Pocket Guides


Pocket-sized informational guides offer quick and easy tips on how to avoid catching the cold and flu and how to reduce the risk of passing them on to others, if you should happen to become sick. Educating your clients about prevention and transmission is the best way to guarantee a happy and healthy season for as many of them as possible; and they will appreciate your efforts. Both our Cold & Flu Pocket Slider™ and Cold & Flu Prevention Better Book™ provide all of this crucial information as well as optimum space for your custom logo or clever promotional message.

Travel Hand Sanitizers


It is proven that practicing proper hand hygiene is the number one way that anyone can avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Everyone should do their best to wash their hands with soap and running water whenever necessary, but when there is no access to soap and water, hand sanitizer gels, sprays and lotions do their part to keep hands clean and germ-free. Our Color Pop Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray as well as our Cool Clip Hand Sanitizer travels easily in any pocket or handbag, has plenty of fun color options for you choose from and will barely make a dent in your budget.


Custom Printed Tissues


Having a runny nose and no tissues in sight can be a really awkward, and possibly germ spreading, situation! Save your clients and employees from this undesirable fate by giving them your own custom printed facial tissue packs. Several of our options, including the 20 ct. Tissue Packet and the 30 ct. Mini Cube Tissue Box offer full color custom printing so your logo can stand out when they reach for your helpful gift.


Kids’ Educational Products


The most difficult part of cold and flu season can be trying to keep kids and small children heathy by teaching them the importance of proper hygiene and avoiding germs. Educational coloring and activity books like Practice Healthy Habits and Cold & Flu can provide hours of fun that not only make teaching healthy lessons easier but are also more effective at helping children commit them to memory than basic verbal instruction. Include your custom imprint at the bottom of these exceptional products and then lend a helping hand to parents and school teachers.


Health and Wellness Kits


Traveling professionals, teachers or anyone who isn’t always able to reach for the medicine cabinet at home will appreciate a health and wellness kit that allows them to be ready for any cold and flu symptoms that might sneak up. The Flu Care Kit and Cold & Flu First Aid Kit offer all of the essentials necessary for managing symptoms and protecting others from becoming infected. Both products also provide a huge area for your company logo so your brand can earn some positive recognition from your thoughtful gesture.


Browse the rest of our collection of products designed to ease the troubles of cold and flu season and show your customers, workforce and partners that you have their best interests in mind this winter!

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