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Plenty of Custom Apparel is Getting Launched at Milwaukee Bucks Fans


If you haven’t already heard about the super canon that NBA team, the Milwaukee Bucks, has been using to distribute custom T-shirts and other apparel to their fans, then we would like to introduce you to it. It’s a triple barrel, carbon dioxide powered, Gatling style gun that can shoot up to 120 shirts into the stands at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in a matter of mere seconds. This is not your average T-shirt gun!

Recently, the Bucks organization partnered with Weatherproof, a cold weather apparel business looking to expose their brand to a larger audience, in a cross promotion that involved shooting their heat-retaining long sleeve shirts, vests and jackets from this incredible T-shirt rocket. Each piece of Weatherproof apparel, normally retailing for up to $100 each, was custom printed with both logos as well as the Buck’s motto, “Fear the Deer”.

So what is there to gain from putting high-end apparel products, branded with 2 partnering organizations’ logos into one of the most powerful T-shirt launchers in professional basketball and launching them at hordes of excited fans? A great deal!

The Milwaukee Bucks have been having a winning season and can benefit from showing loyal fans how much they appreciate their support because it ensures they will continue to buy tickets and fill up the stands. Conversely, Weatherproof can gain unprecedented brand recognition from a major NBA audience and, of course, score some major cool points thanks to the amazing T-shirt shooting machine used to launch their product; especially in a place where frigid temperatures are a commonality and there is plenty of demand for their heat-retaining apparel. Finally, fans get to score some free, high-quality duds while seeing this awe-inspiring gun in action. It seems to us that everyone wins.

When speaking about the logic behind this unique marketing scheme, Waterproof CEO, Eliot Peyser said, “This market is very crowded and cluttered, so we have to do things that no one else is doing. Brand building is a tricky game. We are not Coca-Cola and we are not Budweiser. We don’t have a $100 million marketing budget. So we have to do things like this, shooting our product out of a cannon and putting our name on the tarp at Yankee Stadium and buying five-second local commercials on the Super Bowl broadcasts.”

Well, as far as promotional campaigning goes, we think this particular strategy is ingenious! See the featured weapon of mass marketing expertise in action right here.


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