Employee Gifts for the Mind, Body and Soul


Let’s face it. Work can be stressful. The office can get hectic, the workload can become overwhelming and it can start to feel like that much needed vacation is just way too far away. We’ve all felt this way and your employees are no exception. Nonetheless, they continue to perform for your company on a daily basis and you want to show them just how much you appreciate their efforts. Why not do so by promoting relaxation with employee gifts for the mind, body and soul. We have an entire specialty store dedicated to products that will help your staff members unwind, rejuvenate and pamper themselves. Here are a few of our favorites!

Aromatherapy Candle in Tapered Square Jar, 10 oz.


Aromatherapy can help reduce stress, alleviate tension and elevate the mood. Now, with our Aromatherapy Candle in a Tapered Square Jar, you can offer these great benefits to your employees in a nice, attractive package. The 10 oz. candle is available in a variety of soothing scents and the visually aesthetic jar can be customized with your own logo in one color.

Coronado Bath & Massage Gift Set

spa bath

Nothing relaxes you quite like a massage and a warm bath, but who can make time for the spa at the drop of a hat? Bring the spa to your hardworking employees by giving them our Coronado Bath and Massage Gift Set. The natural jute gusset bag is loaded with a wooden massage pad, a sisal sponge and back scrubber, a wooden body brush and a wooden hair brush. Add your company logo to the gift bag so your employees can remember your generosity when they are turning their home into a day spa.

New Balance® PVC Free Yoga Mat w/ Bag


Do you have plenty of yogis in your staff? Yoga enthusiasts love a gift that promotes a healthy mind, body and soul and our New Balance PVC Free Yoga Mat and Bag does just that. Providing all the luxury of a top name brand without the price, this yoga mat is over 5 feet long with a 4mm thickness and rolls up into its very own matching bag. Add your custom logo to score some extra advertising at home and in the yoga studio.

Relaxing Herbal Teas

tea gift

Herbal tea provides an easy way to increase your fluid intake and hydration while taking in some extremely beneficial nutrients at the same time. It is also known to help fight and stave off illness while helping the drinker feel energized, calm or relaxed. All that makes for a pretty incredible gift, if we may say so! Our Relaxing Herbal Teas collection includes chamomile, ginger ginseng, herbal blend and lemon ginger green tea, all of which are tied up in a charming pillow pack with a custom printed hang tag.

Relaxation Gel Face Mask


If you’re looking for a gift that promotes tranquility and everyone can use, our Relaxation Gel Face Mask is an excellent choice. Gel masks can reduce swelling in the eyes, relieve sinus pressure and encourage restful sleep; and it just so happens that they feel amazing on the eyes as well! Add your logo in one color directly on the cool blue gel background.

These are just a small few from our collection for employee gifts for the mind, body and soul. Check out the rest of our collection to find the perfect gift for showing your appreciation and promoting relaxation for your hardworking staff.

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