Bluetooth Custom Gifts for a New Era in Wireless, Hands-Free Technology


Since the release of the iPhone 7, it’s become clear that Bluetooth technology is here to stay. More and more smartphone and handheld device manufacturers are doing away with the need for pesky wires and unnecessary jacks in favor of instant connectivity and streamlined design. If you are one of the tech lovers keeping up with trends in smartphone and tablet technology, we have plenty in store for you at Promotions Now. Here are just a few of our Bluetooth custom gifts to help you get your branding efforts into the new era in hands-free technology.

Benchmark Bluetooth Ear Buds


Our Benchmark Bluetooth Ear Buds are specially designed for active users, with their feather-light construction and sporty design. Its special features include cutting edge Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) technology and on-wire controls for adjusting volume, switching songs, answering or rejecting calls, hanging up, and redialing. Each set comes attached to a 19-69/100″ wire and packaged in a retail box.

Addi Vinyl Wrapped Bluetooth Speaker


Take a break from your earbuds and let your music, audiobook or podcast fill the room with our Addi Vinyl Wrapped Bluetooth Speaker. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, all you have to do is pair your device and listen to your media anytime you’d like. Each speaker features controls for adjusting volume, skipping songs and accepting, rejecting or redialing phone calls as well as a built-in microphone and an LED status indicator.

Polar Wireless Earmuffs


Now you can keep your ears warm and listen to music, hands-free, at the same time! Our Polar Wireless Earmuffs feature Bluetooth 3.0 + Enhanced Data Range technology and have built-in controls located on one ear. Each set comes packaged in a black drawstring pouch which displays your logo and leaves the earmuffs blank for those who prefer not to wear a large logo. This is where innovative technology meets comfort and style!

Basic Selfie Stick


A Bluetooth remote shutter allows you to mount your smartphone or camera onto The Basic Selfie Stick and take perfect selfies and group shots wherever you go! This style features a PVC grip for ease of use with cell phones and small cameras and extends to 31″ to help you capture every important detail. Each stick also includes a screw mount for standard cameras and comes packaged in an attractive white gift box.

Shop our online collection for even more tech products with Bluetooth technology and give your branding efforts the same cutting edge advantage as your promotional gifts!


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