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Your Daily, Weekly & Monthly Events for August

August is almost here! Here is your schedule of everything happening for the month, by the week and day to day. Use this calendar to plan your upcoming events, take…


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Custom Printed Journals and Notebooks for End of Summer Events

Do you have back to school events coming up at the end of the summer? Are you looking for a nice welcome gift for new employees? Will you be hosting…

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Marketing Strategy: How Your Font Choice Can Affect Your Marketing Efforts

Have you ever looked at an ad or promotional product for another company and immediately lost interest? Have you cringed at the sight of low-quality imagery and instantly discredited said…

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Trend Report: We’re Totes Into Bags with Stripes!

What’s the latest trend in promotional products? Striped bags! From totes, backpacks and cinchpacks to coolers, gift bags and shoppers, all with horizontal or vertical stripes in just about every…

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