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Holiday Travel

Top Five Tips for Smoother Holiday Traveling

Everyone rushes around in December. Some of us have to do more of it than others, but we’re all in a rush. There are gifts to buy for friends and…


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Promotional Golf Umbrella

Look This Way: Eye-Catching Promotional Products

Promotional products should always, if nothing else, be capable of capturing your audience’s attention. Yes, they all serve other purposes, too. But their intrinsic value to your business is grabbing…

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QR Code

What’s the Deal with These QR Code Things?

Black Friday is three days away and Cyber Monday is less than a week from now, and that means we’re less than a month from the big holidays (you know…

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Chocolate Bar Business Cards

Chocolate Lovers: Don’t Miss These Delicious Promotions!

“Mmmm, chocolate.” Thanks for that most succinct introduction to today’s blog topic, Homer. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Anyways, I know that a lot of you guys are…

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Employee Appreciation

Survey: Employees Would Stay at Jobs Longer if Shown More Appreciation

The concept isn’t a new one. Promotions Now has been saying it for years, and I’ve been blogging about it for months. And we don’t even claim to be the…

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Promotional Waterfall Wine Chiller

Promotions Now New Promotional Products — 11/11/13 Edition

It’s that time once again, dear readers. Yes, it’s once again time to bring you some of Promotions Now’s latest and greatest product additions. We add new promotional products to…

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Pill-Themed Promotional Stress Ball

Squeeze It: The Health Benefits of Promotional Stress Balls

Everybody likes squeezing things, especially when the things in question are little branded squishy balls that revert back to their original shape after being squeezed. You might know them better…

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Promotional Infuser Bottle

Employee and Customer Appreciation Gifts for Less Than $8? Yeah, We’ve Got ‘Em

Eight dollars. They’re just eight dollars…or less. Yes, you read that right: “or less.” You know what I’m talking about, of course. You read the title of this blog. (Shame…

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Promotional Football

Are You Ready for Some Football…Themed Promotional Products?!

Can you believe it? We can’t. It looked to be impossible, but they did it. They actually did it. Yes, that New Jersey-based professional football team of unusually large size…

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Promotional Power Banks – How To Find The Right One

We have all been there before – your smartphone or tablet battery indicator is telling you it is time to charge the unit, but there is not an AC power…

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