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Making the Most of Your Labor Day Picnic


When summer comes to an end, many people like to take advantage of the last of the warm and sunny days by hosting a Labor Day picnic or barbeque. Businesses are no different – many firms throw parties or picnics at this time of the year, and for good reason: company picnics are a great opportunity to unwind and interact with coworkers in a casual environment, away from the stresses of work. They can also promote bonding and strengthen team mentality.

While you won’t need to employ much persuasion to get people to attend these fun-for-all outdoor events, there are some great ways to make the most out of any Labor Day celebration and create a memorable experience for your attendees.

Send a fun, event appropriate invite via email and newsletter.  

Email is the easiest way to get creative and colorful with your invitations without breaking the bank. Use the patriotic Labor Day colors of red, white, and blue and include enticing images and details of the event. You can also mention the upcoming affair in a company newsletter, if you have one. Remember that Labor Day is a tribute to working men and women, so let your attendees know that this is an occasion for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves and that the company would be honored by their presence.

Carefully plan your menu.

The food can make or break an event. Most people will expect traditional American barbeque fare. If you decide to barbeque, designate a couple “grill masters” from the company, which shouldn’t be hard to find considering many people love manning the grill. Be sure to take all proper safety precautions and keep grills a safe distance from attendees.

If you decide to use a caterer, it still may be a good idea to choose foods that fit into the American barbeque theme. Many caterers will be happy to accommodate your request. If you have the time, another option is to include food choices in your invitation and let your attendees weigh in on what they would like to be served. Having a say in the picnic cuisine will increase anticipation for the event and reinforce the party’s purpose of rewarding hard work.

Include games or entertaining activities.

Incorporating group sports or fun games into the event can help your Labor Day picnic leave a lasting effect on your workforce. These types of activities can strengthen positive relationships and help to build new ones. They can also promote friendly competition, which most people find enjoyable. Possible activities include group games like charades or Pictionary, cooking or baking contests, softball or volleyball tournaments, a dunk tank and fundraisers or silent auctions for charity.

Consider giving gifts.

Consider giving compelling or useful custom gifts at your picnic. Your employees will leave the party with a thoughtful token of a good time had and later promote your brand through household or public use of the product. Ideal gift ideas include SPF lotion or gel bottles for sun protection, grill and barbeque accessories or picnic baskets (in keeping with the theme of the gathering), or customized drinkware like water bottles or tumblers. You can also use these promotional handouts as prizes for games, sports, or contests.

Take pictures at your event.

Finally, remember to take photographs of your event or appoint a volunteer to do so. Pictures of attendees having a good time at their Labor Day picnic will nurture positive relations when you share them later on. They can even be used in invitations and newsletters for next year’s Labor Day picnic, reminding employees of this year’s tremendous success.

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