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Your Inside Look at the 10 Hottest Tech Products in the Promos Industry

We’ve come a long way from AM/FM portable scanner radios in just a short period of time. Today’s promotional tech products are identical to – or even exactly the same as – the cutting edge gadgets consumers can find in retail. Here’s your list of the top ten insanely technical promos you can get your hands on right now.

Spy® Mega Bluetooth Headphones


Bluetooth V4.0 technology makes this portable headset perfect for travel and the 30-foot range makes it perfect for quiet listening at home as well. When calls need to be taken, a mic and phone controls allow you to do so without ever skipping a beat. Finally, noise reducing viscoelastic ear cups drown out outside noise and a 300 mAh rechargeable lithium battery allows you to enjoy up to 5 hours of continuous listening.

Remote Control Drone with Camera

Easily one of the most outstanding new tech products in the promotional products industry, the Remote Control Drone with Camera features an advanced stability system that simplifies navigation, takes both video and still photos with a .5 MP built-in camera, and has a 7 minute and 100-meter flying time and distance per battery charge. A USB battery charging cable, 4GB SD Card, SD Card reader, and extra propellers are all included.

Power Bank Station, 12,000 mAh


A power bank that can jump a car battery? Yes! This power station kit allows you to jumpstart your car without the assistance of another vehicle, thanks to a powerful Li-ion 12,000 mAh battery – which can charge all of your electronic devices to boot! Also included are 10 gauge booster cables, a laptop cable with 8 different connectors, a home and auto adapter for recharging anywhere and a built-in flashlight with high beam, strobe, and emergency SOS modes.

Oglio Virtual Keyboard


This virtual keyboard projector provides a typing solution for any Apple® or Android™ device and takes up only a fraction of the space of that of a standard keyboard. Revolutionary laser technology allows the keyboard to project onto any flat surface while advanced optics track your finger strokes and send your input to your device via Bluetooth® wireless technology. A rechargeable li-ion battery and a USB cord are included.

RoxBox™ Bluetooth® ColorBurst Sound Bar


RoxBox’s 90 watt sound bar allows you wirelessly stream music or amplify sound from any of your electronic devices thanks to Bluetooth connectivity and the included RCA line, optical cable, AUX-in audio and 3.5mm line-in jack. The speaker is powered by V2.1 EDR Bluetooth® and supports NFC technology with an operating range of 10 meters (or 33 feet). You won’t have to travel that distance yourself, however. A remote control is also included.

i-Easy USB Drive


If you prefer to share or save files and photos from your iPhone without having to put them in the cloud, this is the device for you. With an iPhone or iPad connection on one side and a USB on the other, transporting documents, photos or music in the most secure way possible is simple. Encryption and password protection is also available.

Brookstone® Waterproof Bluetooth® Speaker

You wouldn’t dare toss your Bluetooth speaker in the pool or spa – until now! Brookstone’s new waterproof speaker can float and is submersible up to 3 feet under water. The 33-foot wireless range allows you to keep your music device dry and safe while the speaker plays your tunes right from inside the pool, hot tub, shower or bathtub. Enjoy 20 hours of continuous play on a single charge.

Solstice Solar ColorBurst Power Bank, 9000 mAh


You can use the power of the sun to keep your devices fully charged with this 9000 mAh capacity power bank. A large surface provides the maximum space for the solar charging panel, as well as a signature ColorBurst custom imprint. Other features include dual USB ports, a single micro USB port, a built-in charging cable, an iPhone 5 adaptor, a 30 LED light panel, a power indicator, a solar charging indicator and a battery capacity indicator.

Sonar Speaker


Near field audio technology negates the need for wires or pairing. Just place your device in the speaker’s designated slot and play. Your music will be amplified and your mind will be blown. Up to 6 hours playtime, auto sleep mode and a logo that lights up during play are just a few extra features.

Color Glow Bluetooth® Speaker


The Color Glow Bluetooth® Speaker features a slow glow LED color light which will last just as long as the 4 hour playing time allotted by its rechargeable battery. No need to disconnect your device when the phone rings. Just push a button to answer calls and speak hands-free through the built-in microphone.

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