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What You Want to Know about the New Trend Called Athleisure


If you’ve been wondering what all the buzz is about the new trend, aptly named athleisure, we can shed some light on the subject. As you know, trends in the fashion industry come and go about as often as the seasons do – only to be recycled just as frequently. Remember when the “Normcore” trend swept through designer and retail fashion lines just a couple years ago? We can’t help comparing it to an extremely similar trend from the early to mid-90s called “grunge”.

Presently, the burgeoning trend in fashion has been dubbed athleisure – and it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s activewear that’s suitable for leisure activities as well as vigorous ones. Let’s all admit right now that we’ve all either worn or been tempted to wear our yoga pants or sweats to run errands or meet with friends. Well, for the moment we’re in luck, because not only is athletic wear currently acceptable outside of an athletic setting, but it’s gotten a designer makeover to boot.

It’s no longer uncommon to find sweats made from luxury cashmere, a basic fleece hoodie that’s been transformed into a day dress, or a pair of performance pants that look nice enough to wear to the office. In fact, athleisure-wear has become so popular that new divisions of big brand retailers selling solely these types of garments are cropping up like wildflowers. Note Without Walls by Urban Outfitters and Lou & Grey by Loft.

The concept of athleisure is really not an unfamiliar one. People have been in favor of the most comfortable gear appropriate for everyday wear since the invention of spandex! The only difference is now it’s far easier for these consumers to opt for comfort without having to sacrifice style. These are exactly the types of garments that can be found at Promotions Now right and here is just a small selection of the garments from our

For the record, we love this trend – and not just because we’ve been offering athleisure friendly promotional apparel to our customers for years. We just love feeling comfortable while still looking presentable as much as the next person.

Here is just a small selection of the garments from our promotional apparel superstore that can easily blend into an athleisure heavy wardrobe.

adidas® Golf Clisacrifice3-Stripes Cuff Performance Pique Men’s Polo


This moisture wicking pique polo is engineered to release dampness and keep you dry and comfortable. With a three-button placket, a rib-knit collar, side vents, contrast piping and a silver adidas® heat sealed logo on the back neck, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing to don their athletic wear for almost every occasion.

OGIO® ENDURANCE Nexus Stretch Performance Ladies’ V-Neck


The Nexus Stretch Performance Ladies’ V-Neck from OGIO features stay cool wicking, zoned ventilation and odor control technology for maximum comfort and longtime wear even after a rigorous workout. A unique stitching pattern and raglan sleeves make this sport shirt look like a stylized v-neck that’s comfortable and appropriate for much more than just the gym.

Helena Ladies’ Micro Fleece Pullover


Luxuriously soft micro-fleece, a shawl collar, and a kangaroo pocket make this ladies’ pullover the epitome of athleisure style, as well as your new favorite cool weather garment. Just because its sporty and comfortable doesn’t mean it can’t look great and the Helena Ladies’ Micro Fleece Pullover certainly does look fantastic!

NIKE® Golf Dri-FIT Half-Zip Men’s Cover-Up Jacket


Nike’s ultra smooth, Dri-FIT half-zip cover-up jacket looks and feels spectacular, with just the right mixture of sporty and sophisticated. Pair it with sweats and then your favorite jeans or khaki trousers to let it take you from your workout to your night out on the town without skipping a beat. That’s the quintessence of athleisure.

Are you completely in love with this new athleisure trend? Shop our apparel superstore to get your branding efforts attuned with your latest style obsession.



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