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Warm Winter Promos


The temperatures may be falling record lows outside and business may be slowing to a crawl but that doesn’t mean your promotions have to lose any momentum! We have pulled together a small collection of products that embody just what everyone is craving right now – warmth! Here are some warm wintertime promos that are perfect for heating up your promotional campaign.

Faux Lambswool Microsherpa Plaid Blanket


This 50 by 60 inch blanket is made out of super plush faux lambswool and is finished with one of 2 different plaid patterns that are perfectly on trend, ideal for wrapping up and staying toasty, in the office or at home, in something that still looks stylish and can complement any interior décor. Did we mention how warm it is?

This versatile blanket can be machine washed and includes your company branding embroidered in up to 6 different thread colors, up to 10,000 stitches.


Telescopic Ice Chisel Snowbrush

Telescopic Ice Chisel Snowbrush

In order to get your car, SUV or truck completely cleared of ice and snow, you need some extra reach. We don’t all drive compact cars and we don’t all have the time to be crawling all over our vehicles so we can reach the entire windshield. That’s why this large ice scraper and snow brush with a 42 inch reach is the perfect winter automobile accessory. Save precious time every morning with this super extendable tool and have it sporting your logo in white, gold or silver at the same time.

Dual Auto/USB Heater Mug, 16oz


Nothing helps you warm up on a frigid morning quite like a hot steaming beverage in your hands, but it’s pretty disappointing when your hot chocolate, tea or coffee cools down before you can finish it. This innovative piece of drinkware offers a solution to this problem with a dual power source heating system that can work through your car adaptor or the USB port on your computer. Now your hot beverages will be maintained at an average 110 degrees for as long as you need.

Knitted Winter Set


The top accessories for a warm winter wardrobe come in a soft, cozy knit and your choice of 7 attractive colors. Treat your friends, employees and customers to a thoughtful gift that will get them through the winter in comfort and style. Your own custom logo decorates any of the 3 knit pieces in up to 5,000 stitches.


Appreciation Soup & Crackers Mug Gift Set, Custom



Customizing your own soup mug and spoon set to give out to your clientele is an excellent choice this winter, but handing it out complete with soup and crackers is ingenious! Luckily for you, we can do it all for you right here. We’ll make sure your soup mugs are printed to your liking and then package it with soup and crackers all neatly tied in a bow. That’s a wintertime giveaway worth remembering.

If you like our suggestions for warm winter gifts and promos, you’ll love our new Favorite Appreciation Gifts for Winter specialty store. Shop the carefully selected product line today and start bringing warm smiles to your audience’s faces this winter.


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