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Using Social Media Logos on Promotional Products

Promoting your business on its social media channels can be a little bit tricky when it comes to printing on promotional products. Directing your audience to your social media page from your custom printed giveaways is a clever marketing strategy, but many businesses are met with restrictions when borrowing logos and it can make the whole process pretty confusing. Some social media logos are free to use in almost any context while some have outlined conditions of use, and others don’t allow usage at all.

Here is the breakdown of social media logo guidelines so you can avoid confusion and possible problems when incorporating them onto your promotional products.


Facebook “f” Logo Dos and Don’ts

  • Do use the Facebook logo to refer to your presence on Facebook regarding your page, timeline and/or participation in a group or an event.
  • Do use the Facebook logo if incorporating Facebook onto your website.
  • Do use the logo when displaying content that originated from Facebook.
  • Do use the logo to refer to your products assimilation with Facebook (any products meant to be used with facebook).
  • Don’t use the logo for any other reason than listed above.
  • Don’t use the logo by itself. It can only be used when accompanied by a request for the user (i.e. Like us on Facebook), or with your URL for your individual facebook page.
  • Don’t change the design or color of the logo under any circumstances.
  • Don’t use the logo on any products that could be associated with illegal activity, pornography or anything that violates Facebook’s terms.
  • Don’t use the logo in a way that implies partnership with or sponsorship of your business or marketing efforts.
  • Don’t use the logo if it appears larger or more distinctive than your own logo.


Twitter “bird” Logo Dos and Don’ts

  • Do use the Twitter logo only when it is accompanied by a request or call to action for the user (i.e. Follow us on Twitter) or your Twitter handle or URL.
  • Twitter provides 4 different variations of the logo in either blue or white that you can choose to use, without alteration, as long as it is accompanied by the items above.
  • Don’t use the logo if it appears larger or more distinctive than your own logo.


Pinterest “P” Logo Dos and Don’ts

  • Pinterest also provides 4 different variations of its logo, in either red or white, that you are free to download from the website and use, following specific guidelines.
  • Do use the Pinterest logo as long as it is immediately followed by your Pinterest URL or the name of your company “on” followed by the Pinterest logo and your URL underneath.
  • Don’t use the logo to imply partnership with or sponsorship of your business or marketing efforts.


YouTube Logo Dos and Don’ts

  • YouTube has very few restrictions and is very flexible about allowing their logo on promotional products.
  • Do use the YouTube logo in either the full color horizontal version or the one color version.
  • Don’t use the older, stacked version of the logo unless it cannot be avoided.
  • Don’t alter the YouTube Logo in any way.
  • YouTube differs from other social media platforms because they do not want you to use their logo along with a call to action. In that case you will be required to use text only (i.e. Find us on YouTube).


The one guideline that these four social media channels have in common is that you are allowed to use them together, side-by-side on any product that is appropriate according to each channels terms.

Screenshot_8_4_14,_1_28_PM 2

Yelp Logo Dos and Don’ts

  • Don’t use the Yelp logo in a way that implies endorsement.
  • Don’t use the logo in any way that may cause confusion, in connection with objectionable materials, or in a way that may disparage Yelp.
  • Don’t modify the logo in any way and always include the appropriate trademark symbol.

Yelp reserves the right to change said terms and rescind permission to use their logo for any reason

Other Social Media Platforms That Do Not Allow Usage of Their Logo on Merchandise or Promotional Products:

  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • Vine
  • Foursquare

Unfortunately these 6 social media channels do not allow usage of their logo on any type of promotional product as of right now, but if you follow the guidelines above, you should have no problems incorporating Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or Yelp into your promotional product marketing strategy.


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