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What You Want to Know about the New Trend Called Athleisure

If you’ve been wondering what all the buzz is about the new trend, aptly named athleisure, we can shed some light on the subject. As you know, trends in the fashion…


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Summertime Fun Promotions and Custom Gifts

Now that summer is almost here, many of your customers may be a little less business focused and a little more fun focused. That makes this the perfect time to…

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Our Larger Than Ever Hats, Caps & Visors Line!

If there is anything that can be said about our line of apparel accessories, it’s that it’s huge! We’ve been scouring the industry for all the top choices in promotional…

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Customized Essential Oils and Their Amazing Uses and Benefits

Our newest collection of all-natural essential oils has much more to offer than just that big boost for your marketing efforts. These 9 scents and proprietary blends also offer a long list…

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Eco-Friendly Promotions for Earth Day & Arbor Day

Earth Day and Arbor Day can be celebrated in a number of ways. You could start growing your own fruits and vegetables or buying locally-grown produce. You could call your…

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Warm Weather Apparel for Spring and Summer

The coming heat will soon bring on the need for an adjustment to your promotional and gift apparel. We have just what you need to get ready for the warmth…

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The Fabulous Flavors of Promotions Now Lip Balms

At Promotions Now, we have more than a hundred different varieties of custom lip balms – and each one comes in its own variety of wonderfully delicious flavors. We can’t…

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Celebrate Spring with Floral & Garden Themed Promotional Giveaways

Yesterday was the first day of spring and we can hardly wait for the outside world to be in full bloom once again! This is the perfect time to reinvigorate…

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Take a Look Inside the New Promotions Now Apparel Catalog!

Recently, the Promotions Now Apparel Division has been building quite a name for itself. We’ve amassed a virtually endless assortment of new, fashion-focused garments in our apparel and caps superstore,…

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Explore the 10 Largest Convention Centers in the U.S.

Conventions centers are huge – and they should be – considering they exist solely for the purpose of holding some of the biggest major tradeshows, conventions and expos throughout the…

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