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Our Top Gifts for Gardeners

Summer may already be here, but it’s never too late beautify your lawn and garden when there are still months or warm weather ahead. In fact, many a green thumb can still be seen tending to their indoor or outdoor gardens almost every single day. Planting and cultivating gardens of flowers, fresh herbs and vegetables is a popular way for many people to distress, give back to the environment and eat clean. If you have a staff full of green thumbs or want to promote your business in a way that is unique and inspiring, we’ve got just the gardening themed promotional gifts you’re looking for. Here are a few of our favorite picks.

Herb Garden Set


Imagine the delicious recipes you can craft using your own home-grown parsley, chives and basil! You can provide that same culinary luxury to your customers and employees with our Herb Garden Set, featuring 3 biodegradable pots, 1 packet each of parsley, chive and basil seeds and expandable soil wafers. Don’t forget to take advantage of the custom imprint areas on all 3 pots!

Gardener Folding Chair & Tool Set


This is a gardener’s dream gift, with every tool you might need to tend to your plants all packaged in a convenient storage tote which attaches to a folding chair! The 5 metal tools included in this set are a large and small trowel, a garden fork, a rake and a weeder. Each comes with a wooden handle and a leatherette strap for extra manageability. Add your company logo to this winning gift, so your clients never forget your generosity.

Flower Planter Garden Set, 2 Pack


Are you looking to give a gift that’s colorful, rewarding and completely eco-friendly?  Our Flower Planter Garden Sets are right on point. Including 2 biodegradable planters, expanding soil disks and your choice of pansies, forget-me-nots, poppies and impatiens, this is a custom printed gift that will not soon be forgotten. As if that weren’t enough, you can also choose the planter colors, package design and gift bow and message card colors.

Flower Pot Desk Set


Not everyone has the space or the time for planting their own gardens, but could still use a little bit of color and sunshine at their desks. For this we turn to our daisy and sunflower Flower Pot Desk Sets. These look like flower pots with one bright and cheerful flower each, but are actually black ink pens.  We also have palm tree and yellow flower variations available. Include your own logo on the pen or the cup to get them smiling at your brand every single day.

Roll-Up 10-Piece Garden Tool Set


This is a super deluxe tool set for the serious gardener! One convenient roll up tote holds a spray bottle, twine and twine cutter, gardening gloves, a transplanter, mini trowel, mini cultivator, anvil shears, pruning shears and a kneeling cushion. There’s no heading back to the shed for that one extra tool you need. With this set you’ve got it all wrapped up in one convenient package. The generously sized imprinting area is just a bonus.

This is just a small portion of the incredible gifts available in our custom flower pots and gardening promotional products store.  Check out the rest of our collection to see if any of them start calling to your green thumb today.


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