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Our Larger Than Ever Hats, Caps & Visors Line!


If there is anything that can be said about our line of apparel accessories, it’s that it’s huge! We’ve been scouring the industry for all the top choices in promotional hats, caps and visors and adding them to our online collection on a mission to provide you with the biggest and best selection in the market. Now, with over 200 custom caps and nearly 100 different types of knit hats and visors to offer, we can safely say we’ve reached our goal. Here is a quick glance at what we have in store.

Knit Hats


From classic knit hats in every color imaginable to trendier styles with brims, slouchy fits, cable knitting, pom poms and ear flaps, you’ll find knit headwear to suit every preference and taste in style at Promotions now. We even have knit hats with cat ears – an item that a quirkier crowd will absolutely adore. Simple and elegant styles will be a major hit with just about any audience, but thanks to Promotions Now you can have a little fun with your selection as well.


Not all caps are created equal. We’ve separated our collection into 4 major categories to make it as simple as possible for you to find your perfect match.



In constructed caps, buckram inserts are sewn into the crown to create a stiff yet pliable inner core which maintains its shape. This offers a professional look that is popular for employee uniforms, golf tournaments, and company outings. If you prefer a cap that looks sleek and structured, this is the right choice for you.


A natural flop is what best typifies unconstructed caps. There is no buckram insert and, therefore, the hat takes on a much more casual and laidback appearance. You can often see unconstructed hats being tucked into back pockets or even balled up in someone’s hands. This hat’s ability to take some abuse and look simplistic and relaxed is what makes it a favorite for many.

Flex Fit

Just like all caps aren’t created equal, neither are all heads. Flex Fit caps have a soft elastic inner band, often with moisture-wicking technology, that allows them to provide you with a snug fit that doesn’t feel tight or uncomfortable. These are perfect for athletes and workers who don’t want to bother with a hat that won’t stay securely in place.


For ultimate comfort on the go, performance caps stay cool, dry and comfortable during rigorous activity in the hottest temperatures. Specialty performance brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas and Oakley can be found in this category, as well as moisture wicking and temperature control technologies that are almost too good to be true.



Designed with maximum comfort and vision improvement in mind, visors are a popular choice for outdoor events and summer promotions where protection from the sun is a major concern.

Now that you are better acquainted with this incredible line of custom hats, caps, and visors, browse the collection for yourself and see how Promotions Now is going above and beyond to offer you the best selection in the industry.


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