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Natural Beauty and Personal Care Products for the Purists in Your Demographic

If you’re like many consumers in this day and age, you’ve been seeking out more and more products that are free from harmful or questionable chemicals and produced in ecologically responsible ways. More than a trend, this seems to be a part of the evolution of consumer values, as more people are prioritizing health and well-being before bottom dollar bargains. The more information we have available to us, the more we are starting to seriously contemplate the products we buy and commit ourselves to purchasing those that are made from natural ingredients and processed as little as possible.

As one of innumerable businesses in the world of consumer products, we wholeheartedly support and champion consumers taking control and being selective of the types of products they allow into their homes as well as their bodies. That’s why our beauty and personal care store is teaming with all-natural promotional gifts crafted from pure, unprocessed and unmarred ingredients only. Here are just a few of our top selections.

All Natural Vanilla Lip Balm Tin

Removing plastic from the equation, the new tin container for our all-natural vanilla lip balm helps ingredients stay fresher and more effective for longer. Among those are beeswax, organic sunflower oil, vitamin E, organic extra virgin olive oil and aloe vera.

All Terrain’s Herbal Armor® Natural Insect Repellent Spray, 2oz.

There’s no need for harmful DEET when nature’s own ingredients can effectively keep pests at bay. Herbal Armor, the #1 selling natural insect repellent, utilizes soybean, citronella, peppermint, cedar, lemongrass and geranium oils to safely repel bugs.

Beautiful Day Essential Oils Diffuser Gift Set

100% pure essential oils can work wonders for both your mental and physical well-being and now you can take advantage of their benefits at work. That’s thanks to a USB powered diffuser that comes along with your choice of 3 incredible oil scents and blends.

Invigorate Essential Oil Infused Bar Soap, 3oz.

You can also bring the benefits of aromatherapy into your daily shower with all-natural soap infused with your favorite blend. Invigorate is a delicious combination of grapefruit and vanilla to get you going – and happy about it – in the morning. The other absolutely relaxing and uplifting blends we currently offer are Immunity, Karma, Tranquility, Focus, Exhale and Cloud 9.

Essential Oils Bath Soap & Salts Gift Set

Not sure if your a bath or a shower person yet? Be both! The Essential Oils Bath Soap & Salts Gift Set can bring a bit of nature, as well as spa luxury, into your bathroom in an instant. Our 100% pure blends include: Cloud 9 (Lemongrass & Sandlewood), Exhale (Eucalyptus & Peppermint), Focus (Peppermint & Pine), Immunity (Orange & Clove), Invigorate (Grapefruit & Vanilla), Karma (Almond & Vanilla) and Tranquility (Lavender & Chamomile).

Zen Essentials Build Your Own Gift Set

If we doubled down with the last gift set, then we must be quadrupling down on all-natural goodness at this point. Choose any combination of our 100% pure and premium blends when you select a travel-size candle, bath salts, a bar soap and an essential oil roller.

Eco-Natural Amenity Spa Set

An eco-focused travel amenities kit is perfect for those who want to manage staying green and contaminant-free on the road or in the sky. TSA-approved capacity bottles are made of 100% PCR-post consumer plastic with stone paper labels and the included shampoo, conditioner, bath gel and body lotion are all certified organic.

Natural Bath Salts with Lavender Buds, 10oz.

Lavender is quite possibly the reigning queen of popular remedial herbs thanks to it’s ability to calm, sooth and cleanse. Adding it to all-natural bath salts in a stylish glass apothecary jar with wooden lid is just our way of ensuring the package looks as good as the contents work!

Mini Olive Oil Amenity Set

Pure olive oil is an absolute boon to skin and hair. This gift set, encased in a natural jute pouch, includes a 1 oz. bottle of olive oil lotion, a 1 oz. bottle of olive oil body wash, a 1 oz. bottle of olive oil shampoo, and a 1-1/4 oz. olive oil bath bar.

Shea Butter Sampler Set

Pure, unprocessed shea butter is nature’s remedy for chapped lips, dry patches, rough elbows or knuckles and so much more. This set of four 1/3 oz. tubs is scented with mango mandarin, green tea bamboo, lavender, and cucumber melon.


Want to shop for more of our amazing all-natural and organic beauty and personal care promotional products? Check out our site to see just how much more we have to offer you and the purists in your demographic!




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