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Squeeze It: The Health Benefits of Promotional Stress Balls

Pill-Themed Promotional Stress Ball

Everybody likes squeezing things, especially when the things in question are little branded squishy balls that revert back to their original shape after being squeezed. You might know them better as promotional stress balls, mostly because that’s what they’re called. You already know that promotional stress balls are highly effective as branded giveaway items that get your organization the exposure it needs. But what you might not know is that these squeezable little items also have real health benefits for those who indulge in a little squeezing.

Muscle Relaxation

Yes, logo stress balls do actually help relieve stress. That might seem obvious, given their name, but not everyone is aware that they actually work. Well, they do. When you’re feeling stressed-out, grab hold of a stress relief ball and squeeze away! According to LiveStrong, the action of squeezing a promotional stress ball causes your muscles to tense up, which doesn’t sound particularly relaxing, but stick with us here for the good part. Once you loosen your grip your muscles will then relax. This seemingly simple — and fun! — action can serve to eliminate muscle tension and to relieve stress.

Forgetting Your Worries

Stress doesn’t cause itself. There’s always a source. There’s always something looming over you that’s causing you to worry an undue amount. If you’re overstressed, it’s probably because you’re too fixated on something troubling. So think about something else! Start squeezing a stress ball enough and you’ll start thinking about the promotional stress ball instead of the stress. You’ll think about its shape, its feel and its branding. Once you’ve finished squeezing, you’ll be relaxed enough to re-focus on your work.

Getting Handy

On top of the stress relief benefits, squeezing stress balls is also good for your hands and fingers, which is nice to know, because they should get something back considering they’re doing all the squeezing work. The act of repeatedly squeezing and holding as quickly as possible improves the speed, agility, strength and coordination of your fingers all at once.

Stimulating Nerves

Squeezing a stress toy is an easy way to stimulate your hands’ nerves. Since these nerves carry signals to your brain, doing this can stimulate the limbic area of your brain, which causes the release of endorphinns — still with us? — that lead to relaxation and pain relief.

With all of those great benefits, why wouldn’t you take some time each day to squeeze a promotional stress toy?

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