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Celebrate Spring with Floral & Garden Themed Promotional Giveaways


Yesterday was the first day of spring and we can hardly wait for the outside world to be in full bloom once again! This is the perfect time to reinvigorate your marketing strategy with floral and garden themed promotional giveaways. These nature inspired custom gifts are sure to bring a smile to every client, employee or volunteer in your path.

Flower Pot Desk Set


Brighten up every gift recipient’s desktop with this adorable Flower Pot Desk Set and let your brand reap all the benefits. This eco-friendly pen set includes a recycled flower pot cup, which can double as a pen and pencil holder, and a flower pen in your choice of a daisy, sunflower, photo flower or palm tree. Perfect for keeping a little bit of spring at your desk, all year round.

Herb Garden Set


Let your gift recipients enjoy their own homegrown parsley, chives and basil with this mini herb garden, complete with your company brand. This unique gift set makes growing fresh herbs so easy and enjoyable that soon everyone will have a green thumb! Each set contains 3 biodegradable fiber pots, 1 packet each of parsley, chives and basil seeds and 3 expandable soil wafers.

Flower Planter Garden Set, 2 Pack


If you prefer beautiful blooms to fresh herbs, our Flower Planter Garden Set is the perfect choice! Choose from stunning forget-me-nots, pansies, impatiens or poppies and then completely customize this set by choosing the planter colors, adding your company logo to each planter, selecting the package design, adding your own gift message and, finally, selecting the bow and ribbon colors. Also included are the soil disks needed to help your spring flowers grow beautiful and strong.

Metal Watering Can


The Metal Watering Can is an ideal gardening themed giveaway if you prefer not to bother with seeds and soil for growing herbs and flowers but still want to capture the spirit of spring. Your gift recipients can use it for anything from watering indoor plants and growing flowers to holding pens on their desktops.

Seed Sensations Grow Guy


The Seed Sensations Grow Guy provides a simple and amusing way to bring a little nature indoors and remember to relax when day to day tasks get a little bit stressful. Just add water to the grow guy’s head, which is preloaded with seeded soil and let his relaxed posture remind you to take it easy and enjoy nature. Each Seed Sensations Grow Guy is customized with your logo and packaged in a natural brown box with growing and maintenance instructions.

This just a small portion of the incredible floral and garden themed giveaways that we have to offer. Shop the rest of the collection to find the one that’s your perfect match this spring!



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