Holiday Promotions

September Holidays, Observances & Awareness Dates

The kids have gone back to school and the summer heat is finally starting to let up as the first day of Fall draws closer and closer. Our favorite coffee…


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Close up of a red, white, and blue frosted cupcake with burning candle on rustic wood. Fourth of July concept with United States of American flag in background.

July Holidays, Observances & Awareness Dates

July is finally here and with it comes a whole new list of reasons to celebrate, raise awareness, give back and just enjoy the warm summer ahead of us. Here…

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June Holidays, Observances & Awareness Dates

June is finally here and with it comes a whole new array of special occasions, holidays and awareness dates. You probably already knew that the first day of summer, Father’s…

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Promotions Perfect For Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and while you are all getting ready to bare your hearts and share a day of outspoken love and romance with your spouses…

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Warm Winter Promos

The temperatures may be falling record lows outside and business may be slowing to a crawl but that doesn’t mean your promotions have to lose any momentum! We have pulled…

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Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Have you recently looked at the calendar only to be shocked about how quickly the holidays are creeping up? It’s definitely alarming when you realize that your list of holiday…

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Deck the Halls with Holiday Themed Employee Gifts from Promotions Now

As the holiday season arrives and you begin to plan your annual employee, client or associate gift shopping list, the abundance of choices can make the task a challenging one….

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Specialized Holiday Gift Sets for the Experts, Connoisseurs and Aficionados

Everyone has a hobby, a passion or a specific skill that can sometimes define their giftability. Here at Promotions Now we can make up new words in order to describe…

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Corporate and Holiday Employee Gift Ideas from Promotions Now

We know it can be difficult deciding on a special holiday gift for everyone in the office each year. You want to show your appreciation for the hard work and…

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Celebrate Labor Day

Making the Most of Your Labor Day Picnic

When summer comes to an end, many people like to take advantage of the last of the warm and sunny days by hosting a Labor Day picnic or barbeque. Businesses…

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