Employee Appreciation Gifts

Customized OrigAudio Gifts at Promotions Now

Promotions Now is introducing our exciting new line of award winning audio and tech products from Orig Audio. A company that proves cutting edge tech products can be innovative, stylish…


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Businessman Interviewing Female Job Applicant In Office

Welcome Gifts for New Employees

We all know that happy employees are productive employees, so investing in your staff is like investing in your own business. We’ve thought of the simplest way to make sure…

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Mixed Race Couple Planting Rooftop Garden Together

Our Top Gifts for Gardeners

Summer may already be here, but it’s never too late beautify your lawn and garden when there are still months or warm weather ahead. In fact, many a green thumb…

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Company BBQ Gifts for Employees

The annual company BBQ is coming up and it’s time to select a gift for your employees to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication….

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Thoughtful business man with his team at the office

New Employee Appreciation Ideas

At Promotions Now we are adding exciting new products to our website on a daily basis, so you are always supplied with fresh ideas for your employee appreciation efforts. Recently…

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Red flip flops on the beach

Fun Summertime Giveaways

Summer is almost here! We can barely wait to dust off our flip flops and head to the beach, and chances are your customers and employees are feeling the exact…

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iPad Cases for Professionals

iPads and tablets have quickly become a customary part of the business practices in almost every industry. Marketing experts, medical professionals, IT specialists, salespeople and educators commonly utilize them in…

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Exciting New Tech Products from OrigAudio

If you are a fan of the hit ABC show, Shark Tank, then you are about to get as excited as we are about the new line of products we’ve…

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Promotions Perfect For Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and while you are all getting ready to bare your hearts and share a day of outspoken love and romance with your spouses…

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Warm Winter Promos

The temperatures may be falling record lows outside and business may be slowing to a crawl but that doesn’t mean your promotions have to lose any momentum! We have pulled…

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