Back To School

Your Daily, Weekly & Monthly Events for August

August is almost here! Here is your schedule of everything happening for the month, by the week and day to day. Use this calendar to plan your upcoming events, take…


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Custom Printed Journals and Notebooks for End of Summer Events

Do you have back to school events coming up at the end of the summer? Are you looking for a nice welcome gift for new employees? Will you be hosting…

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Back to School Promotions

It’s almost that time of year again! We like to give parents a moment to bask in the glory of knowing that their kids will soon be heading back to…

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August Holidays, Observances & Awareness Dates

During August, most of us are focused on back to school preparations, but it’s important to remember that summer’s not over yet! As a matter of fact August brings with…

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Get a Full House for Your School’s Open House

The hardest part has passed, with everyone over the usual first day of school jitters. The best is still yet to come; the annual Open House! Teachers see this as…

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Things We Learned In School That We Never Use

A new school year is about to begin and students are preparing for another 9 months of homework and study. For many parents it’s the same routine but just a…

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