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Calendars and Planners for the New Year

As the New Year quickly approaches, everyone is noticing that they are running out of precious time managing calendar space, and will be looking into new wall calendars and desk or pocket planners to help make the transition go smoothly; without missed work appointments or play dates. It’s the perfect time to consider calendars and planners for your next promotional or gift giving venture and score some major cool-points for your brand. Here we have selected a few of our more popular promotional calendars and planners that demonstrate the wide variety products in this category that we have to offer.

Value Stick™ Calendar

Value Stick Promotionsl Calendar

Our self-adhesive Value Stick™ Calendar features a custom printed vinyl sticker with a 13 month, tear-away calendar pad for convenient time keeping and budget-friendly promotions through the entire year.  Your custom imprint is included on the vinyl header, and then the entire unit is packaged in a counter display for an attractive giveaway array.

B Kind 2 Earth Wall Calendar

B Kind 2 Earth Wall Calendar

The beautiful imagery and valuable facts in our B Kind 2 Earth Wall Calendar help promote awareness about important environmental issues, while promoting your business as well. This calendar is printed on recycled paper and uses only vegetable based inks. It is a favored wall calendar we chose to highlight today, but among our collection we also have themes such as Beautiful America, Folk Art, Puppies, Gardens, Golf, Motivations, Recipes and much more.

Colorful Impressions Monthly Pocket Planner

Colorful Impression Monthly Pocket Planner

This low cost and versatile pocket planner is one that is not to be overlooked! The monthly planner features a horizontal format that allows for larger date blocks throughout its 16 sheets and 32 pages. Your choices for the cover include Motivations, Patriotic, El Sol, Scenic, Simplicity or Americana and you can even select either English or Spanish/English. Add your logo to the front cover to increase your brand recognition all through the year.

Tucson Mid Size Weekly Planner

Tucson Mid Size Weekly Planner

The Tuscon Mid Size Weekly Planner is an exceptional choice for a gift that is both thoughtful and incredibly useful for students, professionals and anyone who likes to stay on top of their daily and weekly appointments and activities. Its 128 pages include weekly views and a reference section for national holidays, important dates, current and next year views, conversion tables, weights and measures, tipping chart, area codes, useful websites, wedding anniversaries, and more. A ribbon marker and your logo, debossed on the smooth outer surface, are also included for a polished and refined look.

Personalized Greeting Card Calendar

Personalized Greeting Card Promo Calendar

If a calendar themed product with individual personalization is what you prefer, then this creative and unique option is perfect for you. You can insert your recipient’s or your organization’s name right into one of the 4 available images and really impress the attendees at your next important event. The included calendar can be printed in English, French or Spanish grid style as well. Your own personal message, logo or marketing slogan is also included above the year view calendar.

This is just a select few of over 150 custom planners and calendars that we currently offer on our website. Browse our collection and pick the one that’s right for you before 2015 arrives and enjoy a year’s worth of profit-driving, successful promotions!


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