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Think You’ve Seen Every Fidget Spinner There Is? Think Again!

We know fidget spinners are currently all the rage with children, teens and adults alike – and that’s lead to a huge variety of designs and themes available to consumers….


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How Embroidery Machines Work

Have you ever wondered what goes into embroidering large custom orders for promotional apparel, hats and accessories? Well, we’re going to tell you anyway. Although, the kind embroidery that’s possible…

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Perfectly Sized Spill-proof Coffee & Tea To Go Cups

These days, nearly everyone has a coffee pot that brews single servings of their favorite morning pick-me-up. And while one of these delicious cups of joe might get us started,…

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Aromatherapy & Scented Products to Help You Achieve Zen as Well as Marketing Success

Olfactory senses can evoke emotional or psychological responses and even help recover memories depending on the individual and the scent. It stands to reason, then, that pleasant scents such as…

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The Latest Tech Gifts for Your Promotional Needs

Want to get the jump on the latest high-tech promotional products hitting our website this year? Well, we want to help you! As your distributor of top-notch promotional gifts, we…

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Brand New Products & Incredible Deals for 2018

Now that 2018 is fully underway, we’d like to reveal some incredible perks we have in store for you in the coming months. To start, we’ve mailed out our new Winter/Spring…

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