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Mixed Race Couple Planting Rooftop Garden Together

Our Top Gifts for Gardeners

Summer may already be here, but it’s never too late beautify your lawn and garden when there are still months or warm weather ahead. In fact, many a green thumb…


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Close up of a red, white, and blue frosted cupcake with burning candle on rustic wood. Fourth of July concept with United States of American flag in background.

July Holidays, Observances & Awareness Dates

July is finally here and with it comes a whole new list of reasons to celebrate, raise awareness, give back and just enjoy the warm summer ahead of us. Here…

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Company BBQ Gifts for Employees

The annual company BBQ is coming up and it’s time to select a gift for your employees to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication….

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Baseball resting in baseball glove.

Baseball Themed Giveaways

Have you been looking for promotional giveaways for an upcoming baseball themed event or would you like to give an employee gift that represents both your company and America’s favorite…

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June Holidays, Observances & Awareness Dates

June is finally here and with it comes a whole new array of special occasions, holidays and awareness dates. You probably already knew that the first day of summer, Father’s…

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Thoughtful business man with his team at the office

New Employee Appreciation Ideas

At Promotions Now we are adding exciting new products to our website on a daily basis, so you are always supplied with fresh ideas for your employee appreciation efforts. Recently…

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Red flip flops on the beach

Fun Summertime Giveaways

Summer is almost here! We can barely wait to dust off our flip flops and head to the beach, and chances are your customers and employees are feeling the exact…

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Employee Gifts for the Mind, Body and Soul

Let’s face it. Work can be stressful. The office can get hectic, the workload can become overwhelming and it can start to feel like that much needed vacation is just…

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Celebrating Arbor Day

With Earth Day and Arbor Day so close together this month, we are feeling a lot of love for trees right now. They are our planet’s single most valuable natural…

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Logo Changes: The Good, The Bad, and The Imperceptible

Contrary to popular belief, a brand is not simply a logo. It’s not the graphic that represents your business, your business itself or the products and services you provide, for…

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