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The 14 Most Popular Products of 2014

It’s been another excellent year at Promotions Now and as always we are endearingly grateful for our loyal blog readers and frequent customers. As a way of celebrating the upcoming…


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Making the Workplace Secure

Ensuring safety and security in the workplace doesn’t mean that you have to hire a contractor to provide security guards for your building or invest in any expensive alarm and…

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Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Have you recently looked at the calendar only to be shocked about how quickly the holidays are creeping up? It’s definitely alarming when you realize that your list of holiday…

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Promotional Products for Music Lovers

If you are in the market for corporate or employee gifts, chances are you have a lot of music lovers on your shopping list and this might be the opportune…

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Prevent Catching the Seasonal Bug with Cold and Flu Products

Next week is National Influenza Vaccination Week and while many people will be getting their annual vaccinations, many more will still be affected the cold or flu, causing offices, schools…

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Calendars and Planners for the New Year

As the New Year quickly approaches, everyone is noticing that they are running out of precious time managing calendar space, and will be looking into new wall calendars and desk…

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