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At Promotions Now we like to reach out to our community of valued customers as often as we can and keep them informed about new and exciting products, special promotions,…


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Thermal Insulation Guide for Travel Bottles & Mugs

If you are in the market for travel beverage containers, you may notice a lot of terminology about insulation and double wall construction that could cause a little confusion. These…

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Promotions Now has the Travel Mug that was Voted “The Best” on Kinja Co-op!

Kinja Co-op, a collaborative site ( from the people who bring you, and ) that works to locate the top consumer products in a wide variety of…

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The Great Promotions Now Lip Balm Flavor Survey

At Promotions Now we offer an extensively long line of custom lip balms, each available in a magnitude of flavors to choose from. Anyone who uses lip balm can weigh…

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Deck the Halls with Holiday Themed Employee Gifts from Promotions Now

As the holiday season arrives and you begin to plan your annual employee, client or associate gift shopping list, the abundance of choices can make the task a challenging one….

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How to Provide Effective Employee Recognition

It is a well-known fact that a happy and appreciated employee is more organized, self-confident and productive than one that is less so, and an entire group of contented employees…

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Why Are mAh Ratings Important?

If you own an Android or Apple device, chances are you know exactly what type of port it has, as well as the necessary connector for that port. You also…

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Fall Themed Products from Promotions Now

We can all admit that objects and sensations associated with fall, like brightly colored leaves in trees, the cooler temperatures that have us reaching for our coziest sweaters, the scent…

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Best Beauty, Salon & Spa Giveaways and Gifts

Beauty salons and spas obtain much of their business from loyal patrons and their referrals to other potential future customers. Promotional giveaways provide a way of showing appreciation for these…

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Specialized Holiday Gift Sets for the Experts, Connoisseurs and Aficionados

Everyone has a hobby, a passion or a specific skill that can sometimes define their giftability. Here at Promotions Now we can make up new words in order to describe…

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