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Our Top Custom Gifts for Frequent Travelers

Whether you have a staff of traveling professionals, would like to promote your travel agency or resort, or just want to expose your brand to frequent vacationers, promotional travel accessory gifts offer…


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Exciting New Products Added This Month

At Promotions Now we’re always adding new custom products to our collection. It’s how we are constantly achieving our ongoing goal of keeping our inventory fresh and exciting for returning…

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Our Top Tradeshow Giveaways Under $2

As spring approaches, many businesses are focused on the same thing. It typically begins in the spring and, for some, it can make or break a business. It’s trade show season! There’s…

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Unique Custom Gifts Unlike Any Other

Looking for a promotional product that’s a little unexpected or maybe even completely out of the ordinary? Then you’ve come to the right place because Promotions Now is where you’ll find unique…

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Bluetooth Custom Gifts for a New Era in Wireless, Hands-Free Technology

Since the release of the iPhone 7, it’s become clear that Bluetooth technology is here to stay. More and more smartphone and handheld device manufacturers are doing away with the…

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The New Bag Collections You’ll Want to Shop in 2017!

While fashion sites and blogs are singing the praises of the new “it” bags for 2017 – sure to be swoon-worthy, yet also sure to go out of style before…

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Unique Ways to Brand Your Holiday Events

A holiday appreciation gift for your party guests can provide a simple and effective approach to branding your year-end events but there are several other unique ways you can leave…

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Stock & Quick Ship Gifts Delivered in Time for the Holidays

If you think it might be too late to get some truly phenomenal gifts for the people on your list this holiday season, think again! Promotions Now has a veritable…

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Women’s Conference Gift Bag Ideas

Are you organizing a women’s conference and brainstorming ideas for a welcome or appreciation gift bag for your event attendees? If so, Promotions now has a number of products that…

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Your Holiday Appreciation Gift Shopper’s Guide

  Your holiday and year-end events are right around the corner and we’ve stockpiled our inventory with a virtually endless supply of new and exciting appreciation gifts to help you…

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